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"Climb Two Grades Harder in Two Months or Less - Guaranteed!"

What is the StrongClimber Program?

The StrongClimber Program is the world's only strength-training program developed for the unique athletic demands of rock climbers.  Unlike other climbing training resources, the StrongClimber program is uniquely designed to build raw muscular strength and power, the essential foundation of all elite rock climbers. This revolutionary program helps rock climbers build a strong physical foundation to improve their climbing ability and future training effectiveness.

The StrongClimber Program is a 16-week cyclical training course that is 110% Better-Than-Money-Back Guaranteed to improve climbing-specific strength and performance by at least 35% during the first cycle.  If you aren't climbing at least 2 letter grades above your previous best (i.e. 5.10a to 5.10c) within 60 days, just send it back for a full refund, including shipping.  You can keep the bonuses as a token of our appreciation.

Try the StrongClimber Program Risk-Free for 60 days!
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"I've gotten so much stronger after three months of using this program than I have in the past two years of training on my fingerboard."

Austin, TX
Before StrongClimber:5.12a
After StrongClimber:5.12c

Do You Want to Be a Better Climber?

The StrongClimber program is the only climbing training program in the world that is guaranteed to make you a better climber.  Strength training is the most crucial first step in any athletic training regimen, and the StrongClimber program is the only strength training system in the world created specifically for rock climbers.

Do any of these sound like you?  If so, the StrongClimber program was designed for you:
  • You are having trouble breaking through your performance plateau and increasing your climbing grade
  • You do not have the time to climb several times a week, or are otherwise inconsistent in how often you climb
  • You find yourself sustaining frequent muscle and ligament injuries while climbing
  • Despite climbing frequently, your strength and performance is not progessing.  Your climbing partners are much stronger than you.
  • You've tried what the other "experts" tell you.  You do finger-hanging pull-ups, use your fingerboard, etc. and you're still stuck.

Most people will tell you to "just climb" and you will get better.  They say that learning to move more efficiently is the most important skill in climbing.  The fact is that most people (myself included) do not climb often enough or at the correct intensity level to make serious strength improvements.  Hanging on a fingerboard, rock rings, or doing pull-ups is not the answer.  Those training methods are inefficient and will increase your chances of injury.  I know because I've tried them all.  The only way to maximize your strength gains and climbing improvement is by implementing a scientifically formulated system with a clearly defined purpose and goal.  The StrongClimber Program is the only strength training program in the world that is based on scientifically proven training methods and tailored specifically for the unique demands of rock climbers.

Try the StrongClimber program Risk-Free for 60 days!

How the StrongClimber Program Will Make You a Better Climber

Strength training is the most essential first step in any effective training routine.  The purpose of strength training is to establish a high level of raw strength and power for future training to build upon.  Other climbing training programs focus on training endurance, flexibility, balance, and movement efficiency (which are also very important), but no other climbing training program in the world will guide you through the critical first step, which is to get strong!   

The objective of the StrongClimber program is to increase muscular strength and endurance while keeping weight gains to a minimum, a concept known as the strength to weight ratio, or SWR.  The SWR ratio is absolutely critical for rock climbing performance for two reasons:

  1. Greater strength increases your ability to push and pull against the force of gravity
  2. Lower body weight means there is less load to haul up the wall. 

Using scientifically-proven methods and our unique StrengthCycle Progression, the StrongClimber program will guide you through the process of maximizing your own SWR.  Your strength training process will be divided into the following steps:

  1. Train muscles for absolute strength using high-load, low repetition exercises
  2. Build muscular endurance with higher repetitions and periodization strategies
  3. Rearrange and restructure routine using the RockStrength Training Software
  4. Repeat the process

Of course, diet is absolutely critical to maintaining a good strength to weight ratio.  The StrongClimber program includes all the nutritional resources and tools you need to design the perfect diet to match your training routine.  Nutrition is an extremely complicated science that the StrongClimber program will help you understand and apply.  To maintain a great strength to weight ratio, your diet must do the following:

  1. Provide muscles with the appropriate blend of nutrients for repair and growth
  2. Increase metabolism and fat-burning ability
  3. Maintain consistent blood-sugar levels by eating the right "slow-carb" foods

Our time-tested and scientifically proven methods ensure you are getting the highest quality information and resources.

Try the StrongClimber program Risk-Free for 60 days!

"This program was my missing link.  There was so much information that I had never even thought of before, but that has made a tremendous difference in my climbing ability (and overall fitness, for that matter).  Thank you!!!"

Las Vegas, NV
5.9 to 5.10b

Who Created the StrongClimber Program?

My name is Bryan Kearney, and The StrongClimber Program is the result of my years of experience training for rock climbing, powerlifting, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, and other high impact sports.  Although I considered myself very athletic, I had the hardest time improving my climbing abilities.  I read every book, worked with coaches, and followed the advice of all the famous climbing trainers, but I never improved like I should have.  My technique was pretty solid, but I just felt so weak.  I got pumped out fast and my arms were always the first thing to go.  Overhanging moves that everybody else made look easy were nearly impossible for me.  I noticed that none of the resources I'd used had done more than scratch the surface of strength training, so I decided to experiment on myself.  By adapting time-tested and scientifically-proven training methods used by top athletes in every sport, I created a strength training program for myself that catapulted my climbing abilities beyond what I thought possible.  Since then, I have shared my methods with my friends, fellow climbers, and climbing organizations around the country.  For the first time, I'm offering my proven formula to the public.

Quit wasting your time hanging on your fingerboard, campus board, or whatever.  It's time to get serious.  The StrongClimber Program is based on decades of scientific research and athletic expertise.  It works.

Try the StrongClimber program Risk-Free for 60 days!

Science Makes the Difference: Developed From Years of Scientific Research

The StrongClimber program is the result of years of scientific research in the fields of exercise physiology and strength training.  Strength training has been a staple of athletic performance for decades, in sports ranging from football to Mixed Martial Arts.   The StrongClimber program is the first strength-training program in the world to be designed for the specific muscle groups and movements used in rock climbing.
The developers of the StrongClimber program are no strangers to strength training.  They are rock climbers who are also involved in a wide variety of other athletic sports, including power-lifting, swiming, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, and trail running.  For the first time in history, athletes with years of strength-training experience have brought their expertise to the sport of rock climbing.


"I'm a med school student and I have a hard time finding the time to climb regularly.  This program is so much less time-consuming, and now I can finally climb 5.11 after years of being stuck on 9's and 10's."

Fort Collins, CO
5.9 to 5.11a

What Does the StrongClimber Program Contain?

The StrongClimber Program guides each climber through a progressive strength-training workout routine designed to maximize raw muscular strength and power, representing the first time that advanced physiological exercise science has been applied uniquely to rock climbing training.

All high-impact athletic activities are dependent on raw strength. The StrongClimber Program is scientifically engineered to increase climbing-specific strength and performance by up to 35% after the first cycle.  No guess-work or trendy ineffective training equipment required -- all science and all results, guaranteed.

The Complete StrongClimber Rock Climbing Training Program Includes:

Quickstart CD

StrongClimber Training Manual (50 pages):

  • Introduction
  • Chapter 1:  The Science of Muscle Movement in Climbing
  • Chapter 2:  Strength Training Terms and Concepts
  • Chapter 3:  Increasing Muscular Strength and Endurance
  • Chapter 4:  The StrongClimber Cyclical Training Schedule
  • Chapter 5:  Strength Training Nutrition Essentials
  • Summary of Conclusions

StrongClimber Crag Companion (25 pages):

  • Take your training with you!  This 25 page manual contains warm-ups and training techniques that you can practice on the wall.  Contents include:
  • 5-minute warm-ups
  • Down-Climbing
  • "Silent Feet" technique
  • Slow-Count Cadence Climbing

Exclusive Access to Web Tools and Resources (updated periodically):

  1. Workout Tracking Spreadsheets
  2. Nutrition calculators including BMI, RMR, caloric requirements, carbohydrate and protein requirements, etc
  3. Complete library of exercise demonstration videos performed by a world-class fitness expert to capture perfect form
  4. Nutritional Information Database including Glycemic Index (GI) of most popular foods

Order today and receive the following bonuses:
  • Exclusive Report:  Sports Supplementation for Climbers - What to Take, What to Avoid
  • Mental Training:  10 Techniques to Smash Fear and Climb Anything
  • Nutrition:  The "Slow Carb" Diet - How to Lose 20 lbs of Fat in 30 Days

Order the StrongClimber Program NOW and Increase Your Climbing Strength FAST!
Keep the bonuses, refund includes shipping.


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